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Blogs are a cornerstone of any serious internet marketing strategy. They bring traffic to your website and show off your expertise in your industry. Website visitors look for a regularly updated blog as a sign of a knowledgeable business they can trust. Nothing looks worse than creating a blog only to not update it frequently enough. If you want more traffic and build up credibility, you need to update the blog at least once a week. If you don’t have the time to do this then our blog writing service could be just what you need.

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Web Content

The goal of a website to advertise your business, as well as to inform consumers about the products/services you are offering. If you want your visitors to pay attention to your site, you need to ensure that the content doesn’t send them to sleep. Web content follows different rules to the printed word. Your website should be written so it can be quickly ‘scanned’ by a visitor without the message being lost in a sea of words Your content also needs to focus on relevant keywords and themes so it can be found in search engines.

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Press Releases

Has your business done something amazing that you want the world to know about? Maybe you’ve launched a new product, or your new website has gone live, or perhaps you simply want to remind your customers how cool you are every once in a while. Whatever the reason you need publicity, our writers are second to none at writing gripping press releases that media outlets want to use. Press releases are one of the most effective ways of grabbing attention both offline and on the internet. Get in touch today to see how we can make your news into big news.

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It is always useful to have someone check over your work who knows what they are doing. This applies to articles, dissertations and white papers, but equally to any written content you plan to publish. If you have some written work that you feel needs some improvement or change, short of starting again from scratch, then our editing services are for you. We offer a competitively priced, flexible proofreading service to highlight mistakes and ways you can improve your content, as well as a rewriting, copy-editing or full development-editing service as required. 

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But sometimes it's just less

If your customer’s first impression of you comes from the words you use on your website, it is worth choosing them carefully. Pen Envy provides the highest standards of copy for your websites and blogs, and those of your clients. Great content can help boost your search engine rankings and keep visitors coming back to your site.

Download our portfolio today to see our writing for yourself, and get in touch to see what we can do for your business.

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For Your Business

Words paint a picture, so make sure it’s a good one. Choosing the right words is key to communicating effectively with your clients, employees and website visitors. With the increased importance of the internet for your business, it is even more crucial that the written content on your website and blog sells your services and brand image effectively to potential new customers.

As good as written

A regular blog, SEO landing pages and a frequently updated website increase visibility for your business and place you at the heart of your industry. Our professional copywriting services carry your message to the heart of your customer’s daily lives, to be accessed from their homes, offices and smartphones. Watch our video to find out more.

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For Your Clients

Do you provide content to your clients as part of your work? Whether you are a website developer looking for content for a new website, or an SEO agency needing regular blog posts and landing pages for multiple clients, we can provide high-quality written work in the volumes you require.

Added Value

Waiting around for a client to provide content can seriously postpone completion of a project. No doubt they have more important things to be getting on with, and so do you. Add value to your services by letting us provide the written content your clients need. With competitive rates for regular blog writing  and a reliable team, we are well set up to handle bulk orders with a fast turnaround.

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